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About Us

About us , ORIGINAL COPY AB is the largest manufacturer and distributor of A4 copy paper in Sweden. Our products are made from 100% wood pulp and include A4 210mm x 297mm, A3, Letter & Legal sizes 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm. We are one of the major suppliers of A4 copier papers in Europe.

Our Brands

Our brands include Double A A4 Copy Paper, Paper One, Navigator, Xerox, Staples, HP, Chamex, IK, and we offer the largest selection of quality paper such as Double A copier paper, Paperone copier paper, Golden Star copier paper, IK Yellow A4 Copy Paper, Chamex A4 Copy Paper, Navigator A4 Copy Paper, Copimax A4 Copy Paper, Mirage A4 Copy Paper, Bola Dunia A4 80 gsm, Sinar Dunia A4 Copy Paper, Laser / Copier Paper, Xerox multipurpose copy paper, Mondi Rotritrim copy Paper, Old News Paper, Yellow pages for telephone directory and reviews for home, office, and commercial use.

Our products are reliable, 100% bleached by Oxygen, and labelled with Nordic Swan TCF – Totally Chlorine Free Paper. No Dioxins are produced while copying. The mill is ISO-certified, FSC-certified and EMAS-registered. Our premium copier paper is suitable for copying, laser printing, inkjet printing, and off-set printing.

As a green supplier, most of our products come from farmed trees. We believe that farmed trees are a better source of material in pulp-making than forest trees. The ISO and EMAS international production standards confirm that farmed trees can be converted to standardized, high-quality, and reliable copier paper.

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WhatsApp:+46 70 194 75 52

Our Values

1.Ethics and honesty2.Responsibility3.Respect for differences4.Exemplary human relations

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