Payment Terms

Payment Terms:
– 30% T/T payment within 7 days of receiving the Sales Contract / Proforma invoice.
– 40% T/T payment within 3 days of receiving Forwarding B/L and shipment tracking number as proof of dispatch.
– 30% T/T payment within 5 days of confirming the arrival of goods at the delivery port.

– Buyer confirms the order.
– Seller issues Sales Contract or Proforma invoice to the buyer.
The buyer signs the contract and returns a copy to the seller via email.
– Buyer confirms the invoice information and remits 30% T/T of the total invoice value.
– Upon confirmation of payment, the seller starts the loading and shipping process of the buyer’s shipment.
– Seller issues Forwarding B/L and online tracking number of the shipment to the buyer via email after dispatching the shipment.
– Buyer pays 40% T/T after receiving a copy of B/L and tracking number of the shipment.
– Upon confirmation of payment, the seller will forward the complete hard copies of Master B/L and other shipping documents by courier to the buyer before the goods reach the buyer’s port of discharge.
– Buyer shall remit the balance 30% T/T after receiving and confirming the arrival of goods at the port of delivery.

We have made sourcing from us very easy and simpler than you anticipated. Our personnel, equipment, production planning, and tooling are all geared to meet your needs from product design, presentation, proofing/sampling, and trial lot, to pre-shipment samples, and subsequently, regular production and dispatch. Our beliefs and enthusiasm put your interest first. All labour laws and regulations are met, and no child/forced/slave labour is used at any stage of manufacture. All environmental regulations are strictly followed, and we are open for an audit anytime required.

Competitive prices:
Since our equipment is the latest the world has to offer, and waste generation is less than 1% due to efficient planning and process flow, we offer a very competitive price. The cost of waste would have otherwise been loaded into our price offer to you. As relationships develop, we make long-term contracts and offer excellent working conditions.

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