NewsPrint Paper

Newsprint Paper / News print Paper Sheet/

News print Paper Roll

Good strength properties of breaking length and tear maintained for high speed printing
Good dimensional stability
Made from recycled pulp
Can be used for 4 color printing jobs
Used to print newspaper and other publications and advertising material, packaging board, advertising pamplets, multi color printing jobs
GSM : 45 and 48 and the Brightness : 56%


NewsPrint Paper

NewsPrint Paper ,we provide high-quality and Eco-friendly that comes in 45/47/48.8 GSM. This type of paper is commonly used for printing newspapers, publications, and advertising material. It is specifically designed for printing presses that use a long web of paper, such as web offset, letterpress and lexicographic, instead of individual sheets of paper.

Publishers and printers prefer this due to its relatively low cost (when compared to paper grades used for glossy magazines and sales brochures), its strength (which allows it to run through modern high-speed web printing presses) and its ability to accept four-color printing at qualities that meet the needs of typical newspapers.

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